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Shidduch Connection

Join together with our Shidduch Connection for meetings, events, and to meet your loved one. If you would like to be a part of our network, download the following application, which will let us know a little bit about you.

Joining the network

  1. Download the Shidduch Connection Profile
  2. Open it and fill it out
  3. E-mail it to Ariella Hellman (detailed instructions)

About our committee

A core team of 12 members, representing different segments of the community, meet on a monthly basis to volunteer their time to connect single members with other singles from other communities. The process includes completing a written profile and a phone or in-person interview. We have made contact with Shidduch Committees in Baltimore, Monsey and Riverdale in order to better expand our network of referrals.

For more information, please contact Ariella Hellman by filling out the following form.

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National Council of Young Israel Orthodox Union