A view of our sanctuary from the ezras nashim.

Contact Us

YIB is located at

62 Green Street
Brookline, MA 02446
Map & Directions

Phone: (617) 734-0276
Fax: (617) 734-7195
E-mail: office@yibrookline.org

Key Contacts

Halacha Rabbi David Hellman
Young Israel Office Millie Laby
Chevrat Chesed Ariella Hellman
Donations Millie Laby / YIB Office
Kiddush or Seudah Shlisheet Sponsorships Millie Laby / YIB Office
Hospitality YIB Hospitality Program
Synagogue Gabbai Zev Blechner
Hashkama Minyan Gabbai Robert Sundel
Fundraising Millie Laby / YIB Office
Chevra Kadisha Henry Feuerstein
Charity Fund Rabbi David Hellman
Shul Rentals/Events Millie Laby / YIB Office
House Committee Merv Alge
Website Feedback & Support Web Team

Other community contacts

Community Eruv Jesse Hefter
NCSY Rabbi Shmuel Miller, Regional Director
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National Council of Young Israel Orthodox Union