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Founded in 1953, the Young Israel of Brookline has become New England’s largest Orthodox congregation. Multi-generational families have created a dynamic and vibrant community which is welcoming to the many young professionals who come to Boston for school and training. This exciting mixture of people crosses all cultural, economic and professional lines. Whether as a new resident or a visiting guest, the Young Israel of Brookline has developed an international reputation for hachnassat orchim, extending hospitality to visitors and those in our kehilla.

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YIB Volunteer Fair

Small GraphicYIB needs YOU! Join us at the YIB Volunteer Fair on Monday, September 8th, 7:30-9:30 PM. Take this opportunity to fulfill your passion and choose among 15+ new and improved volunteer committees and sub-committees! Please RSVP to Tamar Davis Galper.

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A Tribute to Our Rabbi & Rebbetzin

In a few months YIB will say goodbye to Rabbi Gershon Gewirtz and Rebbetzin Mindy Gewirtz, after 30 shared years together at the Young Israel of Brookline.  Our community has planned many wonderful opportunities to commemorate their legacy: a gala dinner at Young Israel of Brookline’s annual dinner on May 18th, a Legacy Journal, and community learning and Siyum in the Rabbi and Mindy’s honor. Please go to to RSVP for the dinner and to submit your ad for the dinner ad book.  You will also find information for the Journal and Siyum as well.  We look forward to everyone’s participation and to a meaningful send off for the Rabbi and Mindy.

Community Siyum to Honor our Mara d’Asra and Rebbetzin

In honor of Rabbi Dr. Gershon Gewirtz, and Dr. Mindy Gewirtz, who will be retiring after 30 years of dedicated service to our kehillah and the Greater Boston community, the Young Israel of Brookline is coordinating a community-wide learning effort to culminate in a siyum celebration on 18th of Iyar/May 18th.  This is a special opportunity to learn in their merit as we recognize our Mara d’Asra and the Rebbetzin for the wonderful contributions they have made to our community.  We are hoping through our collective efforts to complete the study of Chamisha Chumshei Torah and Mishnayos Seder Mo’ed and hope you will sign up for one of the many learning opportunities. Both Young Israel members and others are welcome and encouraged to participate.  You may choose one or more parshiot or masechet mishnayot.  Please click here to sign up on line at   We look forward to your participation and to honoring Rabbi Gewirtz and Mindy with the gift of our learning and the siyum celebration in May.  Thank you for joining us!

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