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Your spiritual, learning, and caring community.

Founded in 1953, the Young Israel of Brookline has become New England’s largest Orthodox congregation. Multi-generational families have created a dynamic and vibrant community which is welcoming to the many young professionals who come to Boston for school and training. This exciting mixture of people crosses all cultural, economic and professional lines. Whether as a new resident or a visiting guest, the Young Israel of Brookline has developed an international reputation for hachnassat orchim, extending hospitality to visitors and those in our kehilla.

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Purim is coming – order your Mishloach Manot now!

Problem: You’d like to send Mishloach Manot to all your friends, neighbors and relatives, but don’t have enough time to shop, pack and deliver.
Solution: Let the Young Israel of Brookline do all the work for you!

We will deliver Mishloach Manot to your friends, relatives and neighbors living in Brookline, Brighton, and Newton Center (there will be limited deliveries to other parts of Newton; please check the names of your Newton recipients on to verify if a basket or card will be sent to those addresses).

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