Young Israel of Brookline invites you to join us in honoring Aaron Feuerstein as we celebrate his 90th birthday. Festive toast and buffet luncheon. Sunday, December 6th at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. $100 per guest.

Aaron Feuerstein's 90th birthday celebration is an opportunity for our community to honor a rare individual’s contribution to our community and the legacy that we aspire to build upon. Aaron was a founder and leader of the Young Israel of Brookline from the time of its founding in 1953, shepherding it through many challenges including the fire that destroyed our spiritual home in 1994. Amazingly, this was the same period when Aaron became world famous for being the paragon of the “caring capitalist,” bringing to life the Torah’s ideal of an economy that promotes the dignity and livelihood of all members of society.

Aaron’s sanctification of G-d’s name is the greatest contribution to our community imaginable.

To honor this contribution, proceeds from Aaron’s birthday party will support the Young Israel of Brookline and especially its efforts at sanctifying G-d’s name in the larger community.